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Multi-Disciplinary Team 

A Multi-Disciplinary Team comprises all concerned and involved agencies regarding suspected child abuse cases. Every multi-disciplinary team member has a different job and focuses during the child abuse allegation. Law enforcement professionals are fact-finders. Their job is to investigate what happened and to corroborate or refute what has been told. Department of Human Services focuses on making sure kids are safe. When analyzing an allegation, their priority is safety. Forensic Interviewers talk to kids in a structured, developmentally appropriate, and unbiased way. The District Attorney's Office aims to see what evidence must be collected and helps the family through criminal court proceedings. Family advocates ensure that families are informed throughout the investigative and criminal proceedings, have all the resources they need, and feel supported. 


Our MDT meeting usually happens every month to every other month. The goal and purpose of these meetings are to inform all agencies about the case updates from each end of their investigation. Doing this will considerably improve all parts of the criminal investigation and the child's healing and recovery. The following agencies listed assist us with child safety, criminal case, and recovery in each county. 

Tallapoosa County 

Department of Human Resources 

1279 Tallassee St, Dadeville, AL 36853

(256) 825-3700

District Attorney's Office

395 Lee St, Alexander City, AL 35010


Tallapoosa County Sheriff's Office

316 Industrial Park Drive, Dadeville, AL 36853


Alexander City Police Department

1 Court Square, Alexander City, AL 35010

(256) 234-3421

Dadeville Police Department

192 Broadnax St, Dadeville, AL 36853

(256) 825-6212

Camp Hill Police Department

309 Holley Ave, Camp Hill, AL 36850


New Site Police Department 

12791 AL-22, New Site, AL 36256

(256) 234-2049

Chambers County

Department of Human Resources 

410 9th Ave SW, La Fayette, AL 36862

(334) 864-4000


District Attorney's Office 

2 Lafayette St S, La Fayette, AL 36862

334) 864-4341


Valley Police Department 

20 Fob James Dr, Valley, AL 36854

(334) 756-5200


Lanet Police Department 

401 N Lanier Ave, Lanett, AL 36863

(334) 644-2146


Chambers County Sheriffs Office 

2 Lafayette St S, La Fayette, AL 36862

(334) 864-4333


Lafayette Police Department 

50 Alabama Ave W, La Fayette, AL 36862

(334) 864-2211

Randolph County 

Department of Human Resources 

 865 Hillcrest Ave, Wedowee, AL 36278

 (256) 357-3000


District Attorney's Office 

1 Main St S, Wedowee, AL 36278

(256) 357-4551


Randolph County Sheriff's Office 

1 Main St S, Wedowee, AL 36278

(256) 357-4545


Roanoke Police Department 

30 West Point St. Roanoke, AL 36274

(334) 863-2121


Wedowee Police Department 

13 W Broad St, Wedowee, AL 36278

(256) 357-2121

Coosa County 

Department of Human Resources 

300 Jackson St, Rockford, AL 35136

(256) 377-2000


District Attorney's Office 

9709 US-231, Rockford, AL 35136

(256) 377-2675


Coosa County Sheriff's Office 

 296 School St, Rockford, AL 35136

(256) 377-2211


Goodwater Police Department 

51 South Main Street, Goodwater, Alabama, 35072



Rockford Police Department 

110 Main Street, Rockford, Alabama, 35136


Clay County 

Department of Human Resources 

86892 AL-9, Ashland, AL 36251

(256) 396-6800


District Attorney's Office 

173 County Road 31, Ashland, Alabama, 36251



Clay County Sheriff's Office 

41771 AL-77, Ashland, AL 36251

(256) 354-7713


Ashland Police Department

2nd Avenue North, Ashland, Alabama, 36251



Lineville Police Department 

60169 Alabama 49, Lineville, Alabama, 36266


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