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Court Assistance 

Court Prearedness

Our agency offers educational sessions to educate children on the judicial process in a child-friendly manner. Our staff members will explain all the details about what to expect from the trial to alleviate the stress or fear associated with the process. Our staff members will accompany your family to court to support your family every step of the way.

Lawyer and judge
Judges Examining Document

What Happens In Court?

1. The case is reported to law enforcement and/or child protective services (DHR) in the county where the alleged abuse occurred.

2. Law enforcement and/or child protective services (DHR) will begin investigating the case. This process can take weeks to months.

3. The case is then presented to Grand Jury. The Grand jury will decide on the continuation of the case.


4. Criminal Trial: This can take over a year after the Grand jury’s decision. Your child will have to testify, but the CAC will help prepare your child for this situation and support your family throughout each step.

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