A great round of applause to Kayla Whiteside, our local artist, who guided each person through their own creation of a heartfelt contribution to the strengths of the children who have sought services at Tri-County CAC

Through local businesses financial and door prize contribution the attendees received a welcome atmosphere at each site.  The venues all offered hospitality at its best.  And the caterers and artist added to the positive energy of each evening. 

Thank you all, once again, for your selfless and compassionate support.

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Each county served by Tri-County Children's Advocacy Center was widely supported and represented in the "Paint the Positive" Events.  The local support in each county came through to celebrate the success of the children we serve. 

‚ÄčEach county, Tallapoosa, Chambers, and Randolph, received over $1000 each in profit for the events.  The funds were used to upgrade each center with needed refrigerators, exterior paint with flower boxes on windows, interior work to complete safety issues, and everyday cleaning and upgrades for the children who enter our services. ‚Äč

Paint the Positive